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When She Woke

When She Woke - Hillary Jordan

This book has a very interesting, thought provoking premise, although it is (intentionally?) very similar to other works in the dystopian genre, namely A Handmaid’s Tale. I thought Hannah was an excellent protagonist and really enjoyed her journey from meek, sheltered fundamentalist to a strong character who learns to question her basic beliefs and those of society. Overall the book had a very strong beginning and solid middle, but the ending was disappointing. An event that occurred towards the end of the book seemed to come out of left field, and I thought Hannah’s actions were totally out of character. Also, I was waiting for Hannah to realize that her reverend was not a good person and to have some sort of confrontation with him and was disappointed when this never happened. Even though I mostly agree with the author’s political views, I wish she had been a bit subtler about presenting her agenda and allowed the reader to come to their own conclusions.